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Now Stocking the Alta Combi-Boiler

Meet Alta by US Boiler! The easiest boiler you’ll ever install because it’s the most advanced boiler ever made. Alta is the first and only gas-adaptive combi boiler in the industry. This high efficiency condensing boiler offers best in class, next-generation gas adaptive technology that provides the shortest installation time and lowest operating costs.

Gas-Adaptive Technology

The first question that may come into your mind is ”What is Gas-adaptive Technology?”. Well, gas-adaptive technology offers a true no touch combustion setup which means there are no manual throttle of offset adjustments you need to make. Alta has been engineered for a five-minute start-up. The boiler’s control system provides continuous, automatic self-calibration of burner combustion by adapting to component wear, fuel variations, the environment, and vent air pressure to provide safe, efficient, and clean combustion at all times. Pretty cool huh?

Wait, There’s More!

Not only is installation a breeze, but converting from natural gas to LP is simple. There are no additional conversion kits or parts needed. Also, the Alta includes a sensor-less reset, which functions as a conventional outdoor reset without the need to install an outside sensor.

Don’t forget about the rebates! You could receive up to $1,800 in rebates depending on your utility provider. Please check with your local utility to verify eligibility and requirements for residential rebate programs.

Domestic hot water response time is virtually instantaneous. Domestic hot water temperatures are maintained under any demand condition, and the unit’s DHW recirculation system can be set to either economy or comfort mode.

Each Alta comes with value-added components and features, including an AltaFastPipe primary/secondary piping assembly, lift-away front and side panels for three-sided access, boiler flow safety switch (UL353) and display indicator, ProPress compatibility and a five-year parts warranty.

We have the new Alta on the shelf ready for purchase. Call us or stop by one of our locations and our sales associates will be happy to answer any questions. You can also browse our website for additional information on the Alta boiler and detailed inventory information.

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