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Product Showcase at the Castle Island Brewery with Urell and Republic Supply

On Tuesday May 2nd, Urell and Republic Supply held a contractor event at the Castle Island Brewery in Norwood. This was a great event that showcased multiple industry brands represented by Urell. Attendees were able to enjoy some fine craft beer while checking out the different displays and learning a thing or two about some different products available in the industry.

The Alta Combi Boiler

The Alta boiler by US Boiler was front and center at this event. Attendees got to see the Alta on display showing the inner workings of this industry first combi boiler. The Alta boiler is the easiest boiler to install thanks to the first and only gas-adaptive technology on the market. The boiler’s control system provides continuous, automatic self-calibration of burner combustion by adapting to component wear, fuel variations, the environment, and vent air pressure to provide safe, efficient, and clean combustion at all times.

Other Brands at the Event

Grundfos circulators were also in attendance showcasing their products with the Grundfos van. Being a consistent leader in the industry, Grundfos pumps offer best in class solutions for any application that requires the movement of water. With industry leading design and innovation, Grundfos is the pioneer in solving the world’s water and climate challenges.

The Uponor ProPEX system is one of the most popular systems in the industry and were proudly displayed at the event. Uponor provides professionals with confidence the fittings they’re using are backed by third-party certification and a solid warranty of 25 years on the system of Uponor PEX-a pipe and the ProPEX connection. With more than 30 years of design, testing, manufacturing, and field experience, ProPEX is the solution professionals trust for their PEX piping systems.

Spirovent has a nice display on hand showing the latest innovations to help optimize your heating system. Automatic air vents and bleeding valves cannot remove microbubbles or circulating air. Venting devices on boilers and other devices will not remove air that is present elsewhere in the system. By removing the presence of all air, SpiroVent also prevents dirt formation and related negative effects on energy efficiency, failure sensitivity and wear and tear.

It was a great event with great people and great craft beer! Be on the lookout for more events like this to help expand your knowledge on the different technologies and products available today!

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